Playatech – The Ultimate DIY Answer To IKEA!


Playatech is pleased to offer the world’s most advanced state-of-the-art, low-tech, planet-friendly camp furnishings for the radically self-reliant. The plywood pieces all slot together for instant assembly using no metal fasteners, and disassemble flat for easy transport. Most designs fit back into their original 4’x8′ sheet shapes like puzzles, enabling a mini-van or pick-up truck to move enough furniture for an entire house! All designs are easy to make yourself.

Eliminating IKEA from every art & music festival worldwide is our strategic goal, and all our other competitors are centuries obsolete. Only Playatech offers a complete line of DIY period furniture for the 21st Century maker. So go to the lumber yard, pick yourself up some plywood sheets, and get to work! Then get that your new furniture is a canvas for whatever decorative art you can imagine. And find out why it is so GREEN compared to anything you’ll find at IKEA.

Playatech is a pay-it-forward enterprise, so if you build any of our unique ploducts, PLEASE donate the requested royalty of $5/sheet to Burning Man Arts when you download the plans. Otherwise you will wish you did in the desert, where we’ll look at you funny as we fire-brand your new furniture upside-down. We’ll even make it easy for you with a money-back guarantee! And do follow “Leave No Trace” principles when building, decorating, enjoying, abusing, and incinerating any of these designs…

Go build our Playa Love Seat or any of our other fine furniture now. You’ll be glad you did!

Coming Someday: Our new book “Furnish Your Pad For $500, Ship It In One Mini-Van Load, and Save the Planet While You’re At It”. Face it – if you can’t afford Playatech, you’re stuck with FedEx Furniture

Now Hiring: Displaced high-tech engineers for positions in prototype development, CAD, marketing, and transport engineering at insanely low wages – but the benefit plan rocks!


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