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Evolution Makes A Good Thing Better! 5 years after introducing the Playa Love Seat that made Playatech as indispensable in the desert as Kleenex, we never imagined we could design a better one. But we had to. So we did! And Burners Without Borders was kind enough to announce it for us worldwide. The Anniversaire Chair celebrates 5 Continue Reading

A precarious place to sit still We love interactive art and recycling, so we just had to recycle this interactive chair design from the 1973 book Nomadic Furniture. You just raise and lower your arms to rock it, or keep them up to meditate! How cool is that. And much simpler to make than our Continue Reading

BM18 – Splinter the TransPlayaBot The Story of Splinter     This is the story of Splinter, Playatech’s first TransPlayaBot. Made of 7 Playatech couches and a little chair, he stood 23 ft high for 8 days, perhaps the tallest classic robot shape at BM18. And we raised him the old-fashioned way: a crowd and Continue Reading

Radical Seating Sit Like There’s No Tomorrow Playatech offers the wildest selection of rapidly deployable seating in the history of plywood. Check out the famous Playa Love Seat that started it all, or click on any of our other radically cool places to plant your butt. The only difference between a chair and a bed Continue Reading

What Could Be Simpler??!! This one just made us go “Duh”! Two years after starting Playatech and thinking we invented slotted plywood seating, we find a 1972 book called Nomadic Furniture that includes this chair design – and it assembles from just four pieces, two less than our Playa Love Seat! Of course, it only Continue Reading

A Task Chair and a Lounging Chair In One! We found a really cool idea for a two-way chair in the book “Nomadic Furniture 2” and we just had to Playatech it! Of course we like ours better. They used pipe, canvas, and other stuff, but we just use good old wood, and ours have Continue Reading

The first and only desk designed to save burners fuel Believe it or not, a lot of burners hold desk jobs on playa. And many of these white collar workers still use those antique metal government desks! How many old boat anchors will we see on freecycle when everyone finds out that our new Miss Direct Desk provides 30% more Continue Reading

In some unknown way, the psyche is transformed at Burning Man by connecting it with art, fire, and community. This project stimulates those connections by establishing intimate neighborhood meeting points for participants to congregate and make new friends as they create art and fire together. Want to build a cool playhouse for our giant sandbox? Continue Reading

Greetings Black Rockers! Are you still sitting on a stupid folding camp chair wondering why youíre not an artist, or passing out alone on a skanky old couch you canít even burn? If so, your psyche needs Playatech, the worldís leading brand of rapidly deployable artistic lifestyles. Visit Playatech’s Black Rock Factory Showroom and Outlet Continue Reading

BM09 – Radical Evolution   Playatech Is Going Global!!! In honor of Evolution, we expanded our pseudo-corporate tentacles to everywhere people who burn sit, in a partnership with Burners Without Borders. Actually, it’s just our way of avoiding work, and stimulating radical participation to boot! Yes, BWB invited the entire world to build Playa Love Continue Reading

Old News – And Some New! When we started a fake company in 2005, we needed some fake news! Then it turned into real news. Start at the bottom of the page and read upwards to see how much fun we had with you back then! August 29, 2008: Playatech Makes Front Page News: “When Continue Reading