Burn Night 2020: LIve from home

The Multiburn of the Multiverse! 

Playatech has always existed to create and instigate adventures that enable everyone to engage in the 10 Burning Man Principles, by making art that fosters community. How do we do that for Burning Man 2020 without a soul in BRC? Burn Night 2020: Live From Home! It goes like this: 

1) We all create little Man effigies like Larry did back in 1986. Anywhere, and any way you want. Woman effigies too, or other genders, or animals, or whatever, but no kids please – it scares the neighbors.

2) On burn night Sept 5th, we enjoy small live events worldwide, within whatever rules the virus, governments, and event hosts set.

3) At about 9PM local time wherever you are, each event begins a video feed into a mass online viewing/pARTicipation platform where everyone is invited – and local fire conclaves start warming things up.

4) We ignite effigies throughout that time zone, and cheer the global army of Burning Man in a giant livestream. Then we go offline to tell stories, have sex in the dirt, and whatever, as the next time zone comes online.

5) The next day, we leave no trace. At least you better at our house!

The result we envision is a 24-hour global celebration, with burns going off every hour and an easy way we can all connect to any of them. Maybe that looks like a FB page full of live vids & chats, or maybe it is Twitch; we don’t know – Playatech does wood, not media. But we are figuring it out! 

The help we need most for this adventure to happen is:

a) a tech producer to coordinate the live online connection aspects, so please email Sunshine if interested & experienced.

b) an SM jock to coordinate promotional communications (FB event page, Instagram, JRS, etc.).

c) an organizer to wrangle fire conclaves in each time zone.

To help make sure no one lacks an effigy design, Playatech is developing an 8’ Man design that anyone can build from one sheet of plywood – stay tuned.

Crimson has notably said: “The Man Will Always Burn”. This year, making that true is up to us! The Man is laid out from Covid, so we’re all gonna need something better to do on Burn Night than cry and wish for better times.

Therefore Playatech is instigating co-creation of Burn Night 2020: Live From Home, to take the burning of The Man everywhere, like Burners always said we would. To pARTicipate, an event page is getting going at:


If we do this, we are confident that radical inclusiveness, pARTicipation, self-reliance, and the rest of our principles can get us all that feeling of Immediacy that only happens when The Man goes off. Or at least, the next best thing…24 times!

Anyone have better plans for Saturday night at Burning Man 2020?


Playatech – At Last We Are Taking The Man To The Streets