BM15 – Friends Of The Art: FOTA!

Playatech Goes Way Outside The Box – Again!

All Writeno Graffiti


Last year, Sunshine decided to attack the problem of graffiti on playa art in typical twisted Playatech fashion: by inviting the artists to tag their own works…and it worked! At least the artists said so – they liked being able to share their intentions with us, and rely on Civic Responsibility or Radical Self-Expression for the rest.

So, this year, Sunshine and co-conspirator Huggable plan to kick our tagging awareness program up a notch (ok, a couple). The 2015 stickers that ARTery will offer artists at check-in will be BIGGER! And super-sized versions will adorn the Man and the Temple to help everyone get it (guess which is which). But it all costs money, and Playatech doesn’t actually make any. So, we figured we aren’t the only friends of the art…

Are you a Friend Of The Art?!! We hope so!!! If you are, we invite you to SHOW IT by donating $10 towards our 2015 Friends Of The Art tagging awareness program. For 2015, Huggable has designed a commemorative 4″x4″ FOTA Dragon sticker to show the world that Art has powerful friends, and you can be one of them. Each FOTA Dragon sticker you order provides funding for dozens of “Please NO” and “All Write” stickers. And every one of those could change an artist’s week. Or yours!

Commemorative FOTA Dragon stickers are available ONLY from Huggable HERE. There are only 50 so they are SPECIAL!!! 100% of proceeds go to protecting our friends, The Art. Not even a dime burned on Kickstarter. Won’t you be a Friend Of The Art?




PI Tagging Sign

Playatech – Friends Of The Art Since You Thought We Were Just Another Capitalist Plot