New For Metamorphoses: Radically New Rapidly Deployable Shelters! is pleased to announce its new NestNow(TM) line of rapidly-deployable shelter systems, created to radically transform rapid sheltering the way we’ve transformed nomadic furniture since BM05. 
The PlayaHut(TM) personal version, our first NestNow model shown here, will debut at Metamorphoses in Center Camp, adjacent to Playa Info – a double-wide family-size version is on the drawing boards. 

The Playatech PlayaHut – 1st Prototype

The Only Shelter That Does All This! 

•Scalable: Open Source + Plywood + CNC
•Ship Flat: 4’x8’x1’ For PlayaHut
•1 Hour Assembly/Strike  
•Temporary (tarp roof) or Permanent (caulk, paint, roof paper, shingles)  
•Strong: Fiddle On The Roof Or Bring A Hurricane
•Safe & Secure: Hard Walls + Locking Door/Window
•Integrated Furnishings: App-Specific Structure Stiffeners
•Privacy and Dignity: A Personal Nest
•Eco-Friendly: 98% FSC Plywood  
•Costs Under A Grand – Really
•Modular and Expandable

NestNow Shelter Series Use Cases

•Rapid Disaster Response Delivering Long-Term Shelter Self-Sufficiency
•1 Drop Serves Emergency, Transitional, and Permanent Disaster Phases
•Border Emergencies and Refugee Crises: Use Now Then Gift To Poor
•Homeless Encampments With Privacy and Human Dignity
•Glamping, Backyard Guest Rooms, DIY sheds  
•For the Price of a Couple Red Cross Tents, It Lasts Decades
•Off-Grid Co-Housing Communities: Add Shared Infrastructures
•1 Container + Kitchen Truck & Sanitation Trailers = Instant Community
•Recycle Hexayurt Toxic Wastes: Insulate THIS!  

Soon: Glamper(TM) Family Version – 1-2 Parents & Up To 4 Kids

•Double-Wide 8’D x 16’ W x 8’ H
•~25 Sheets @ 4’x8’x2’ Transport Space <$2k
•Queen-Size Loft Bed + Convertible Dinette + 2 Cots
•Integrated Work Desk & Food Prep Areas
•Task Lighting, Ventilation, and Smoke Alarm
•Closet, Shelving, and Bin Storage: Everything A Family Needs
•Modular & Expandable By Adding 8’x8’ Dorm Wings
•More Info: Sunshine @ Awkward & Tawdry In Center Camp
Dear BLM – Please Tell Your Fellow Feds At The Border: “You’re Doing It Wrong”!  

If the new PlayaHut wasn’t enough, we’re also lighting it up with radically cool pocket ashtray gifting SWAG – they’re made of recycled material, instantly snuff your butt, enable recycling your butts, burn that Playatech brand into your brain, and save the planet. What could be better?! Oh, we know – wait till you see the new upgraded Playatech Castle cruising BRC! That’s better. Feel free to jump on whenever we’re stopped and ask for an ashtray…




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