Burn Night: LIve from home

The Multiburn of the Multiverse! 

Sunshine created Playatech to instigate adventures that enable everyone to engage in the 10 Principles of Burning Man, by creating art in community and for community. How could we do that for Burning Man 2020 without Black Rock City? It couldn’t just be wood; it had to be Burn Night: Live From Home!

As Sunshine says in the Burning Man Project Afterburn Report:

“I wanted to create an insanely great way for all Burners around the world to celebrate Burn Night around the Man, with real heat and with each other — a digital way to join thousands of backyard burns into one giant 24-hour Great Circle around the Man. I convinced $teven Ra$pa it was both possible and necessary, and then a small team of us came together and did it despite all the dust storms.”

Burn Night: Live From Home was a huge project, pulled off in under two months from idea to a global livestream. The event began at 9PM local time in New Zealand, proceeded around the world through each time zone one hour at a time, and ended 24 hours later with a live burn in Tahiti. The event highlight featured a socially distanced performance by our beloved Fire Conclaves followed by a solemn Man Burn on playa. Our production partner PORTL logged over 32,000 unique devices joining from 143 countries and over 1.3 million chat messages, with likely more total participants than have ever gathered in Black Rock City.

Burn Night: Live From Home led the Aug 28, 2020 JRS, was featured on Kindling, and resulted in Sunshine’s first-ever articles for the Burning Man Journal including a call to pARTicipate on August 26, and an event wrap-up on September 16 (don’t miss the highlight reel of over 200 backyard burns).

Burners have often said “The Man will always burn” but in 2020, our deep cultural need to circle together around that burn seemed impossible. So, in July when Sunshine realized he had no plans for Burn Night, he dreamt up the most amazing circle around The Man he could imagine in Covid world. Then thousands of you made it a reality – just like Playatech furniture. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Next year was better


Playatech – At Last We Took The Man To The World