Why It Is So Green!

A Planet-Friendly Alternative To IKEA

001-PlayaTechBenchesAtDecom09Playatech slotted plywood furniture is environmentally conscious compared to conventional commercial furniture for multiple reasons:

1) 95%-99% by weight is renewable wood, and we strive to buy ply from US forests FSC-certified to be managed in a sustainable manner. The glue is a polymer called phenol-formaldehyde, and while that sounds scary, reports indicate that it is less toxic than the wood, not listed under Prop 65, etc.

2) Packaging waste is less than 0.01% (the straps securing wood to pallets during distribution).

3) When a Playatech owner moves or travels, their furniture can be collapsed and fit back into 4×8 sheets like puzzles, enabling an entire apartment’s furniture to move in one mini-van load – saving time, fuel, mover costs, etc.

4) When no longer useful, nearly the entire energy content of Playatech furniture can be recovered as useful heat if burned in a proper furnace, without significant pollution – the sawdust can even power automobiles! When burned in an open fire, the wood itself puts out more noxious fumes than the glue.earthguardiansreno

5) By enabling everyone to easily build our “ploducts” themselves, we eliminate factories, media advertising, end-product distribution, retail waste, exploited third world labor, and pretty much every bad thing consumerism introduces between nature’s product and our end use. If only sawmills still ran on water wheels, and plywood glue was still made of animal proteins…

Playatech offers useful green furniture for a mobile lifestyle that will never see a landfill, at an unbelievable price! We think that is cool, and it is no Silicon Valley pipedream.

Playatech – The Greenest Furniture Money Can’t Buy