We Need You

Playatech continually seeks the playa’s most innovative radical thinkers to support its bid for total domination of the Playa furnishings market. Here are some particular needs we have now:


Plototype Hotties

See all the ploduct pages that have no pictures of finished ploducts yet? That’s because we need more prototype hotties to catch up with our imaginations!!! If you are one of the first to build any of our new ploducts and send pictures, and we’ll put you and your work front and center on this site, which gets more hits in the prime 24-36 year old burner market than Google does.

CAD Guru

For years our dear friend Wristy turned Sunshine’s doodles into gorgeous CAD plans that anyone can build from. We need someone new to take that on! If you’d like to put your mark on all of Playatech’s creations, this is your chance. Use Solidworks, AutoCAD, or whatever works. Just save our city from Sunshine’s hen scratching!!

Mutant Vehicle Engineer

Playatech seeks experienced mutant vehicle engineer to support rapid development of the Playatech Playabile Model T at our headquarters in San Jose.Designed to be capable of mass-production to attack GM’s market share on the playa, this all-wood vehicle will collapse to ship inside an RV, can be burned for disposal, and offers numerous additional playa-specific design advantages described on our Playatech Racing page. Its unique convertible design seats 6, snuggles 4, and sleeps 2, with enough basement storage to make an RV owner envious. We have a chassis, and we have a body. Boy do we have a body. Sleek and hard as wood. What we need now is steering that works!

The successful candidate will have the skill and time to scrounge a bunch of golf/go cart parts and assist in rebuilding the steerin, without using up all the basement storage. Then, figure out how to re-engineer every metal part out of wood! You agree to work in complete secrecy, and you will be compensated via a royalty-free license to construct one Playabile Model T vehicle, one Playa Love Seat, and one Playa Pew for your own use. Maybe also one of our rockin’ trailers that will be so ridiculously simple to make we won’t even name them till we build one.

Please send applications for this position to sunshine@playatech.com along with a picture of something cool you built that moves. And prepare to help create the 5 MPH transportation revolution.

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation for Playatech slaves is all in your psyche, and Playatech offers the following benefit plan:

  1. 1) Contribute to a fun art project that spawns more art projects that raise money for even more art projects.
  2. 2) Get showered with imitation glory, fake stock options, and maybe company swag someday if our yet to be defined VP of Swag position is ever filled.
  3. 3) Receive immediate consideration when positions open up for Playatech Customer Service Hotties just in time for our giant annual Labor Day Desert Showroom Sale.
  4. 4) Maybe something else, but we can’t think of it right now.


To apply please send a bribe to sunshine@playatech.com (we’ve gotta keep the riff-raff out somehow).