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Social Transmission Depot

Finally, An STD To Prevent STDs!  Playatech’s new Social Transmission Depot (STD) was born of Covid as a way to support socially transmitted goods, services, and connections without socially transmitted Continue Reading

DJ Dope

The Dopest Way To Delight Your DJ!  Ok, we hear you! For years, the Black Rock Bar has been the most popular DJ booth around, and it caused a bar Continue Reading


Our New Playavator Will Really Get You High… It can be hard to get a rise out of anyone at Burning Man. We know; we’ve tried for 15 years and Continue Reading


Enabling Pop-Up Museums Everywhere In 2017, Burning Man asked us for a museum-style pedestal design to display small models of big art at Everywhere. We like big art everywhere and Continue Reading

Airpart Seat

The perfect seat to keep perfect strangers perfectly strange Have you ever wondered why airports use seats that face people away from each other instead of towards each other? We Continue Reading

The Plitchenette – Or Plotting Bench?

A Potting Bench, Kitchen, Workbench, Standing Desk, Or…? You know you’re a Burner when: your wife wants a potting bench for Mother’s Day, and after seeing the long parts lists Continue Reading

Dish Delight Portable Dishwashing System

The Ultimate Dishwashing System For Large Camps and Gatherings While designing our breakthrough iSink Water Ritual System, we faced a conundrum: it would be perfect for washing hands, but rather Continue Reading

iSink Water Ritual System

To Keep The Health Cops Away, Build an iSink Today!   Ever wondered why everyone you meet at Burning Man hugs you instead of shaking hands? You THOUGHT it was Continue Reading

The Burning Booth

The Man Asked For A Confessional, and Got A Home For Radical Ritual In the Dark Ages (Burning Man 2005), we instigated a Renaissance in seating that eliminated skanky couches from Continue Reading


Even Cheaper Than China! It’s time for us all to simplify, cut costs, get spiritual, and focus on the important things: like a soft place to land right now that Continue Reading

Busy Bee Bench

To Build a City, We Need a Place To Work! In Black Rock City, we’ve seen people soldering, welding, gluing, emailing, and doing otherwise normal work in the strangest places Continue Reading

Simple Seat

What Could Be Simpler??!! This one just made us go “Duh”! Two years after starting Playatech and thinking we invented slotted plywood seating, we find a 1972 book called Nomadic Continue Reading


Furr All Your Fancy Fashions Our friends spend their entire year making amazing playawear and lug it hundreds of miles just to wear it for a week. Within minutes of arriving Home it’s Continue Reading

Teensy Table

Just A Couple Little Tables We threw a couple of these together to go between a pair of Desert Daze Beds, and then thought “what the heck, since it is Continue Reading

Turning The Tables

A Coffee Table For Fine Dining? We hardly ever use our formal dining rooms, so why not turn them into dens when we’re not using the fine china??!! With Turning Continue Reading


A Pantry On The Playa Our VP of Technology and CADmeister Wristy wanted to raise his cooler off the ground and stash some chips, so he took our 2005 Ploset Continue Reading


Stop Sleeping in the Dirt! Are you still attracting dirt and bugs into your bed instead of dates by camping on the cold, hard ground? Stop living like a scorpion Continue Reading


Impress Her When You Undress Her! We know guys just throw their clothes all over the place, but girls like to keep their clothes neat and clean and wrinkle-free. So Continue Reading

Gear Gizmo

Where To Put All That Swag The Gear Gizmo offers a simple shelving system for storing and organizing all the stuff littering your camp. The first person to send us Continue Reading

Playa Love Seat

The Bitchin Bench That Started It All The Playa Love Seat was our first product and it made Playatech the leading brand in the Black Rock. Our cute and cuddly Continue Reading

Anniversaire Chair

Evolution Makes A Good Thing Better! 5 years after introducing the Playa Love Seat that made Playatech as indispensable in the desert as Kleenex, we never imagined we could design Continue Reading

Playa Pew

The purrfect place to plant some parts, indoors or out You know you want to dump that bulky smelly playa couch, so here’s how to build an 8-foot wide version of the Playa Love Continue Reading

Larry Boy Lounger

The Black Rock’s Leading Soft Place To Land! Playatech is ploud to plesent the plemiere ploduct in its Radical Seating line, the Larry-Boy Lounger! The Larry-Boy seats 6, snuggles 4, and sleeps 2, making it the ultimate piece Continue Reading

Desert Daze Bed

The Bed That Lasts Longer Than You Do On the playa we know you sleep all day and party all night, so we thought “what could be better than a day bed Continue Reading

Pluton Flame

It’s a Sofa! No, a Giant Lounger! No, a Queen Sized Bed! Just look what we made from 3 sheets of half-inch ply that cost $30 – a convertible couch Continue Reading

Flip Your Seat

A Task Chair and a Lounging Chair In One! We found a really cool idea for a two-way chair in the book “Nomadic Furniture 2” and we just had to Continue Reading


Will the real playa bench please stand up? People insist on calling the Playa Love Seat a playa bench, so we had no choice but to create a real playa bench! The Plench was actually the Continue Reading

Black Rocker

This One Will Rock You! The Black Rocker is one part hammock, one part rocking lounger, one part see-saw, and one part insane fun! The Black Rocker even contains integrated Continue Reading


A precarious place to sit still We love interactive art and recycling, so we just had to recycle this interactive chair design from the 1973 book Nomadic Furniture. You just Continue Reading

Stilter Seat

A Little Something For Those Long Legs We Love We don’t think our new Stilter Seat will be a big seller, but we do think those of you with six-foot Continue Reading

Black Rock Bar

The Baddest Bar In the Black Rock, Bar None! In 2005 we built the Glimmer Bar. It worked great in the 5 Elements Pavilion except for one problem: you can’t Continue Reading


The perfect place to mix your fix Desert survival guides stress liquids but largely ignore food, so we suspect half the drinking establishments in Black Rock City will use these Continue Reading

Playble and Blenches

A Really Cute Table & Seating For 2-4! Our friend Wristy made this table and a pair of these benches from a total of two sheets of 1/2″ plywood – Continue Reading

Playanette Set

All You Can Eat From Just One Sheet Here’s another cool design from the early 70s book “Nomadic Furniture” – a complete kitchen table and four stools, all from just Continue Reading

Plykea Shelves

A most basic storage solution Generally we prefer form over function, and to be perfectly honest, you can probably buy stronger shelves at IKEA or OSH for less than you’ll Continue Reading

Plassage Table

You Know We Just Had To Do It! Massage tables are expensive. You could spend $200 on a half-decent one at Costco – or just $20 for the Playatech version! Continue Reading

Miss Direct Desk

The first and only desk designed to save burners fuel Believe it or not, a lot of burners hold desk jobs on playa. And many of these white collar workers still use those Continue Reading

Glimmer Bar

A 21st Century modular bar system for Black Rock proprietors Black Rock City only really needs three kinds of furniture: seats, beds and bars. We’ve got the best seating and Continue Reading

Plofee Table

It’s a Plane… No, it’s a Flop! We admit it: every once in a while we create something really useful, but it just doesn’t come out well enough to properly represent Continue Reading

Plaprieter Sign

Billboards For Burners Finding camps in blinding dustorms can be a challenge, but it would be easy if every camp had a Plaprietor Sign! In Old Europe, every shopkeeper did, and cities felt like Continue Reading


We Saw a See-Saw and We Wanted to Make More! When we were young, we loved see-saws, but we see them no more. It seems they are as bad for kids Continue Reading

Wee Rock Two

Wee Ones Wanna Rock Too! A year after we built the Black Rocker and the Wee-Saw, we saw these two rockers for wee ones in “Nomadic Furniture 2”. At first we ignored Continue Reading

Altar Table

It’s Not All Fun and Games Sometimes we need to get spiritual even in the midst of the greatest party on earth. Usually that means hands and knees on the playa, but not Continue Reading


Introducing Our New Division, Coffintech Yes, the friendly Goth vampires at the Blood Vessel project asked us to create a coffin. They plan to collect notes to the departed that Continue Reading

Bike Jack

As Ordained By Her Excellency: The Rack that Saves Your Back Our friend Dragi originally built this cool Playatech style bike rack for his BM05 camp, and all we got Continue Reading

Ali Minimum

Playatech Turns Another Camp Headache Into Art! Our lovely friend and supporter Dilicious created this really cool can crusher for our camp using Playatech assembly methods. We’re hoping she’ll see this Continue Reading


The World’s Most Puzzling Shade Structure Playatech’s secret labs have combined our radical slotted plywood technology with the age-old Lincoln Log construction approach. No kidding! We’re now offering a real purty peaked roof Plazebo made Continue Reading

Leave No Bleachers

The World’s first bleachers that seat no spectators, and leave no trace Playatech’s secret R&D labs have developed a collapsible plywood bleacher module that lifts 12 or more burners above the Continue Reading


The World’s Only Wooden Playawear! Playatech is proud to offer the world’s first wooden trashion for playa hotties. At BMO5, our Playakini debut stopped traffic all over Black Rock City, and the resulting chorus of Continue Reading

Playa Screws

The Ultimate Connector Are you kidding??!!! If you want a screw, look under your RV! Playatech is known worldwide for its innovative approach to furniture design that requires no screws or other Continue Reading

Magic Playhouse

The Magic Lies In What Children Make Of It Playatech is pleased to share its Magic Play House, in honor of our favorite right of passage: raising children. We realize Continue Reading

Turning Tables Two

Having Your Hundred Closest Friends Over For Dinner?   In 2010, Feed The Artists asked to come over for dinner. With 100 artists. And they wanted tables for floor seating. Continue Reading

Simple Stage & Easy Riser

Dust Off And Get Your Act Together! After years of building seating, beds, storage, bars, and lots of strange things to burn, we decided to put on a show. For Continue Reading


Special Order For The Almighty’s Empathy Oasis! In 2012 we got a special order for a very special purpose: to raise up the throne in God’s Empathy Oasis – where Continue Reading

Whatever Booth

Whatever Happens On Playa, Stays On Playa…   Way back in about 2006, our friend Soundman modified a Black Rock Bar to add a raised sign panel, mounted a couple Continue Reading


For our UniFire extravaganza at BM13, we needed a 24’x12’ fire performance stage. We could have made a bunch of Simple Stage modules and slotted them together, but we wanted Continue Reading