Will the real playa bench please stand up?

People insist on calling the Playa Love Seat a playa bench, so we had no choice but to create a real playa bench!

The Plench was actually the closest thing to a bar stool we could come up with for the 5 Elements Pavilion. They worked pretty well at first if seeming a little rickety. Then over the course of a week at BM05, they became kindling in a manner reminiscent of classic bar brawls in old Western movies.

We think they would last much longer if made from ¾” ply instead of ½”, so go build better ones – plans are on our Orders page, and each 4×8 sheet of ply nets exactly two Plenches. Just don’t cut the slots that hold the seat support too long – we did, and the seats had little support. Of course the sight of large drunk people crashing down through their Plenches can be quite amusing!

We have a real bar stool design concept now, but we’re saving it for our 2008 line…

Playatech – Shareware You Can Sit On

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