Playatech Racing

The Playabile – Desert Transportation of the Future

Like other mega corporations, Playatech proudly sponsors a racing team!!! But unlike their obnoxiously loud and useless race cars, ours silently moves the payload of a pick-up truck in half the footprint. And ours rarely exceed 5 MPH – but like all Playatech ploducts, we build and deploy them fast! Move over Hummer; the Playabile is here.

In three weeks during August 2005, we turned a spoof DMV application and lego model into the Playabile Model T Flintstone Edition, destined to become Black Rock City ’s ultimate sports entertainment vehicle. The Playabile is our answer to ugly DPW trucks and David’s foo foo bus.

Available only as a convertible, the Playabile mutates between furniture moving van, Playatech field service hottie transporter, dance pole stage, dust storm shelter, mobile office, soft chill space, and emergency evacuation ambulance in less time than you can assemble a Playa Love Seat.

Built with very few screws on a recycled Taylor Dunn 36V utility vehicle chassis specified at 1 ton payload, the Playabile is ably suited to its primary daytime role as an unassuming rapid furniture deployment vehicle. It has even redeployed entire temples!

The Playabile offers enough trunk space to make an RV owner jealous, and its magnetic levitation devices automatically demoop metallic objects from the playa wherever it goes. It is small, maneuverable, avoids blind spots, and with low ground clearance plus a cow-catcher and fur bumpers, it is hard to imagine running anyone over.

The Playabile deployed and undeployed one dozen Playatech installations at BM05 from Greeters to the deep Playa. Then it deployed Fire in the Belly at BM06. In 2007, it deployed the entire Open Source Lounge to the Man Pavilion in one trip, then deployed The Daze Inn to the deep playa. For 2008, we have a devious plan to deploy timeshare yurts all over BRC!

Did we say versatile? The Playabile served as a seating delivery vehicle AND dance stage at Critical Tits 05. The next night it was a camera platform just before evacuating one of these men to the med tent after he was severely burned throwing the Project X head onto the Man embers. Each year since, we have treated multiple minor injuries and delivered space cadets to the med tent.

Speaking of fire, the Playabile includes a cool fire antenna driven by a 14 oz propane canister. One time the commodity lighter we use to ignite the fire effect got jammed by dust and stayed lit, which allowed us to demonstrate the vehicle’s fire resistance.

Last year, we added more radical illumination, additional decor, a small sound system supported by a separate battery, and more emergency equipment. So, what’s coming in the Mark 5 model? We plan to coat the entire vehicle in reflective aluminum mylar as a reflection of the planet’s evolution. We are working on adding a novel rotating shadow box for dancers. We hope to install a new magnetic mooper system since the original approach has broken at some point every year since 05. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get around to infra-red night vision device jamming. Of course, we’ll provide transportation and a stage for all manner of performer, playa art and artists. And we’ll try to pick up speed bumps one morning in the deep playa.

Black Rock City has never seen a more sensible, versatile, enjoyable, and ridiculously whimsical themed mutant concept vehicle, nor one designed in Lego and mutated in slotted ply – Playatech’s Playabile Mark 5: so cool, it defines the Sports Entertainment Vehicle category. Only from Playatech. Where else?

Playatech – Collecting Screws We Don’t Use Since BM05