Radical Seating

Sit Like There’s No Tomorrow

Playatech offers the wildest selection of rapidly deployable seating in the history of plywood. Check out the famous Playa Love Seat that started it all, or click on any of our other radically cool places to plant your butt.

The only difference between a chair and a bed is what you do with it…

Playatech – The Perfect Place To Park Your Parts

Playa Love Seat

The Bitchin Bench That Started It All The Playa Love Seat was our first product and it made Playatech the leading brand in the Black Rock. Our cute and cuddly Continue Reading

Anniversaire Chair

Evolution Makes A Good Thing Better! 5 years after introducing the Playa Love Seat that made Playatech as indispensable in the desert as Kleenex, we never imagined we could design Continue Reading

Playa Pew

The purrfect place to plant some parts, indoors or out You know you want to dump that bulky smelly playa couch, so here’s how to build an 8-foot wide version of the Playa Love Continue Reading


Larry Boy Lounger

The Black Rock’s Leading Soft Place To Land! Playatech is ploud to plesent the plemiere ploduct in its Radical Seating line, the Larry-Boy Lounger! The Larry-Boy seats 6, snuggles 4, and sleeps 2, making it the ultimate piece Continue Reading

Desert Daze Bed

The Bed That Lasts Longer Than You Do On the playa we know you sleep all day and party all night, so we thought “what could be better than a day bed Continue Reading

Pluton Flame

It’s a Sofa! No, a Giant Lounger! No, a Queen Sized Bed! Just look what we made from 3 sheets of half-inch ply that cost $30 – a convertible couch Continue Reading

Flip Your Seat

A Task Chair and a Lounging Chair In One! We found a really cool idea for a two-way chair in the book “Nomadic Furniture 2” and we just had to Continue Reading


Will the real playa bench please stand up? People insist on calling the Playa Love Seat a playa bench, so we had no choice but to create a real playa bench! The Plench was actually the Continue Reading

Black Rocker

This One Will Rock You! The Black Rocker is one part hammock, one part rocking lounger, one part see-saw, and one part insane fun! The Black Rocker even contains integrated Continue Reading


A precarious place to sit still We love interactive art and recycling, so we just had to recycle this interactive chair design from the 1973 book Nomadic Furniture. You just Continue Reading

Stilter Seat

A Little Something For Those Long Legs We Love We don’t think our new Stilter Seat will be a big seller, but we do think those of you with six-foot Continue Reading