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You know you want to dump that bulky smelly playa couch, so here’s how to build an 8-foot wide version of the Playa Love Seat using exactly two sheets of plywood. It ships in under 2.4 cubic feet when broken down into 8 parts – how’s that for an inflatable couch that won’t go pop till you cook it! It will not fit in most cars due to 8-foot long planks, but WTF, call IKEA.

The new Playa Pew uses exactly the same design as the Playa Love Seat with the addition of two center supports. Each center support is exactly like one of the side supports, only the slots for the seat and seatback get continued all the way until they meet, which cuts the front top of the support away (so you can sit there; duh). The center supports push down onto slots in the front/rear supports just as the side supports do to help stabilize the whole base as a trussed box structure, and they help support the seatback from bowing along its long length.

To make a Playa Pew, cut the front support, rear support, and seatback out of one sheet of ply down the long way instead of the short way like the love seats. On the second sheet, cut the seat the long way, and then cut the large remainder into four identical 24″ wide rectangles. Clamp the four together to cut your slots just like the Playa Love Seat and voila. For all the long boards, do the end slots just like the love seat, and add an extra pair of slots to the front and rear supports 1/3 and 2/3 along their lengths to hold the center supports.

Once you have it all assembled, you might find that you can cut a slot in each of the pieces you removed from the center supports, and then shove one onto each side of the Playa Pew as a drink tray. Voila, exactly two sheets of ply, just like we promised! No moopage here but some sawdust. Please do not forget your $5/sheet royalty to the art gods, or your Playa Pew will give your ass splinters! That’s $10 per pew for those who can’t add.

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