Stop Sleeping in the Dirt!

Are you still attracting dirt and bugs into your bed instead of dates by camping on the cold, hard ground? Stop living like a scorpion and start sleeping like whoever owns this town! With the Bedevator, it’s as easy as slicing wood.

he queen size Bedevator lifts your bed 10” off the ground and contains insulating air compartments underneath it for a warm sleep. It’s easy to store shoes or gear bins under each edge. And it even includes built in Nightstands! All for the price of 2 sheets of ply.

To truly live like royalty, the Bedevator King lifts your bed 12” off the ground, also includes Nightstands, and even includes the world’s first Playa Safe! The Playa Safe securely holds nearly 2 cubic feet of worldly possessions under lock and key so you can leave your tent in peace. The entire Bedevator King requires just three sheets of ply, and securing the safe requires an additional six “L” brackets, a hinge, a hasp and a lock.

Desert sleeping doesn’t get any better than this. Well, not unless you build a Desert Daze Bed or a Larry Boy Lounger! Air mattress or foam pad not included. Playatech will not be responsible for loss or theft of your stuff or your safe key.

A little reminiscing: when Sunshine graduated college in the early 80s, he couldn’t afford a bed. So his boss helped him build one like the Bedevator, sans Nightstands. It is still well used in his guest room, and its slotted design served as the inspiration for the Playa Love Seat in 2005. Wonder if his boss read “Nomadic Furniture”? What goes around…

Playatech – We Do It the Old Fashioned Way


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