Special Order For The Almighty’s Empathy Oasis!

In 2012 we got a special order for a very special purpose: to raise up the throne in God’s Empathy Oasis – where God answers calls from a Talk To God Phone in a remote phone booth, to anonymously provide mere mortals with purpose and direction.

We had to create something special of course!

So we made this 12′ diameter octagonal stage, from 7.5 sheets of ply. On this we raised the throne, and God held court there with some angels, and God said, “let there be Burning Man”. And so it was…

The plans aren’t too polished for this one, but you ought to get the idea if you’ve made Playatech before. Just use some simple hardware to secure the stage surface to the support structure, or you might fall from God’s graces …

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Playatech – Yes, There Really Is A Stairway To Heaven


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