To Keep The Health Cops Away, Build an iSink Today!


Ever wondered why everyone you meet at Burning Man hugs you instead of shaking hands? You THOUGHT it was our ecstatically friendly culture, but it is subconscious survival instinct: your hands are SKANKY! And the health department knows it – their rules even show a hand-washing station as the most important element in any temporary public food or drink establishment. 

Playatech eliminated skanky playa couches way back in the year of The Psyche, and to celebrate Radical Ritual we will eliminate skanky hands in all of yours, by finally making humanity’s most ancient water ritual “easy anywhere”!

Behold – the iSink hand washing station, featuring the three key components of civilized plumbing with all their chakras in proper vertical alignment: controllable water source, sink basin, and drainage. Crude looking, but functionally elegant in true Playatech style, and guaranteed to keep the health department away when used as directed (or return the parts for a full refund:) 

The iSink is a modular system that functions with any type of 5-gallon water dispenser – to achieve health-cop hand-wash nirvana, make sure yours includes a “constant flow” valve that stays on while both hands are in the water stream, like this or this. And use soap! 

For the sink basin, a typical 12 quart dishpan will do, or an 16 quart for splashy folk, or get fancy using a camping sink with working drain – whichever way you go, you can remove our sink basin for remote water rituals from foot washes to hair tinting – just try THAT with your fancy RV sink! And of course for drainage, we used the classic “Homer Bucket” – let’s do this! Figuring out where to pour THAT is up to you (hints: be self sufficient, and leave no trace!). Links to order various water gadgets are highlighted above, or find/make your own. 

But wait, there’s more! Connecting with people to make Playatech and share it at Burning Man is a process meticulously designed to engage you in all 10 Burning Man Principles – yes, we are a Burner factory, not a furniture company! To celebrate that, the wizards of Playatech squeezed two iSinks onto one sheet of 3/4” plywood, so you can make 2 and gift 1 – please pay forward the gift of good health to the planet. Or at least the next camp over. 

Ok, hurry up and build the iSinks today, so I won’t catch something nasty from your skanky hands tomorrow! But please don’t stop hugging your favorite Playatech Hottie just because your hands are clean…Sunshine’s favorite Playatech hottie today is newbie Tyler Baumgardner for putting the iSink in CAD. Maybe his playa name is destined to become “Water”; we’ll see…

Also available NOW: the radically novel Dish Delight, a crack 4-step dishwashing system for larger camps – integrating scrape, soap, rinse, and bleach stations the size of the deep playa….only from: 


Playatech – BRC’s Fake Corporate Monster Relentlessly Eating Playa Problems

Disclaimer: “iSink” is NOT a trademark of a fruit company that sells phones. At least we don’t think so. So “TM Playatech”; it is ours now the minute someone outside CA downloads these plans. If the digital fruit company ever gets into plumbing after self-driving cars, we look forward to having a meeting. At Playatech’s annual users conference and showcase in Black Rock City. On Tutu Tuesday…why not, we met the Defense Department that way once!