The Man Asked For A Confessional, and Got A Home For Radical Ritual

In the Dark Ages (Burning Man 2005), we instigated a Renaissance in seating that eliminated skanky couches from festivals. Then our ultra-secret ZaVinci Labs alchemized bars, bike racks, and stages into radically efficient art. Now, we take our slotted structural Renaissance to the next level by sharing the secrets of the Burning Booth – a modular construction system for rapidly deploying small structures used in radical rituals or habitation.

In true Renaissance form, we first built a church for Burning Man 2016. Well, it looks like a little church, in the Mission Style that will not be re-invented for 300 years. Commissioned by the information dissemination office of the high government of Black Rock City, all of the high priests and priestesses of the Burning World were commanded to perform a radical ritual: confess in this little church to a video camera at the 2016 Global Leadership Conference.

To fairly honor this high purpose, the “Burning Booth” is the first Playatech design that has ever contained the highly guarded and globally feared word “Burning” (with a capital B); a word that has crushed the titans of industry. You can see how easy this church is to assemble here, and we share its construction plans with the world for a mere donation of $20 to the art gods that will enable little churches everywhere. It integrates a bench on one side and an altar on the other, but you can change either or both easily into whatever your ritual requires.

Yet the Burning Booth is but a Trojan Horse, destined to unleash full structural enlightenment upon the masses. It heralds a new era in construction techniques that can enable even the poorest peasants of the land to build a structure for radical ritual or own a home. A strong, safe, solid home that muskets cannot penetrate.  A home constructed in the magical time of one hour, at the magical cost of just one silver dollar per square foot (about $20 US).

Until then, the Burning Booth is:

  • – 18 cubic feet of wood, alchemized into this 3D puzzle in minutes with nary a fastener
  • – A magic box that can change to a photo booth, DJ booth, projection booth, or chapel in moments
  • – A modular system enabling furnishings, fixtures, windows with counters, or anything you need
  • – A fun playa-scale construction kit for grown-up kids: design your own parts to dial in your details
  • – Proof of concept for a 110 sq ft Playatech nano-home built in one hour for $1k – furnished
  • – A creation of Playanardo ZaVinci, sculpted by Sunshine & Wristy of ZaVinci Labs


We hope the masses will come in from the cold and dust, and make a memorable ritual in this box…

To preview the assembly instructions before ordering, click here.


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