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Our target market wants to dump its bulky, smelly, dusty old playa couches, and now just in time for Memorial Day, Playatech is pleased to introduce an 8-foot wide couch version of the soon to be infamous Playa Love Seat!

Construction requires just 8 straight table saw cuts and 24 slots with a router or saw using exactly two sheets of plywood. Each Playa Pew ships in under 2.4 cubic feet when broken down into 8 flat boards ñ thatís better than an inflatable couch that won’t go pop till you cook it!! It will not fit in most cars due to 8-foot long planks, but WTF, just try this with IKEA technology.

The new Playa Pew uses exactly the same design as the Playa Love Seat but with the seat, seatback, front support and rear support boards cut the long way down plywood sheets instead of the short way, and with two added center supports. Plans are now available for paid download here. Please do not forget your $5/sheet royalty to the BRAF or BORG2 art gods to ensure your Playa Pew does not give your ass splinters! Thatís $10 per pew for those that canít add; one helluva deal for such a fine product.

You can build one or two Playa Pews in an hour but our psyches are faster than our pens or saws. It will work, trust us. Playatech is a shareware company which means YOU get to share in creating this corporate art project that spawns art projects to fund even more art projects – so can YOU please build a Playa Pew ASAP and send pictures to, or at least make nicer cutting drawings for us that include the slot details?? Weíll make you and your art famous on our web site, which already gets more hits than IKEA within the all-important 24-35 year-old burner demographic.

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