When IKEA announces a blow out, you save a few bucks at a silly sale and some Scandinavian prince eats a little less caviar that night. When Playatech announces a blow out, weíre thinking something a little more…EXPLOSIVE!!!

Weíre really happy peoplesí psyches are supporting the arts by building our products and we want everyone to check them out, so here is OUR kind of July 4th blowout:

Playatech will award one prize of $100 to the person or team that demonstrates the best use of explosives to either a) launch a Playa Love Seat at least 30 feet in the air without completely demolishing it at least until landing, OR b) demolish it to smithereens leaving no piece larger than one square foot in area. Use of a two-stage explosive approach to accomplish ìbî while the seat is near the top of the trajectory caused by ìaî will result in a special Blowout Master award to that entrant consisting of one BM05 event ticket instead of cash.

All entries must be submitted by midnight July 6, 2005 in web-ready video clip form attached to an email addressed to sunshine@playatech.com. The email must specify entrantís name, contact information, name of your submission, and a sentence or two about your approach. The mail should also grant permission to use your submission for any promotional purpose, because we want everyone to see your creativity!!! We will do our best to post all submissions received by June 30 in time to provide some July 4th fireworks. All entrants agree to assume all liability for the results of their artistic efforts. Do not try this at home. Adult supervision required. You may get splinters. Playatechís normal $5 royalty must be paid to BRAF or BORG2 for every Playa Love Seat exterminated.

The winner will be selected by one or more expert judges. The judgesí decision will be final and may only be appealed by filing sexual favors. If your vid is cool we wonít be too picky applying our VR measuring technology. In the event it is determined that no submission meets the stated criteria with adequate visual documentation to justify an award, the $100 prize money will be donated to Black Rock Arts Foundation, and weíll try to come up with something better for our first big Labor Day Desert Showroom Sale.

The Independence Day Blowout – just another radical innovation only from Playatech – better living through plywood, at playatech.com.

– See more at: https://playatech.com/news/#item2