Playatech is the Black Rock’s new answer to IKEA, offering the South Bay’s most advanced low-tech playa furnishings to those willing to cut their own plywood. Visit now to see the new Playa Love Seat, destined to become the playaís new standard in ergonomic art!

Each four foot wide Playa Love Seat is easily cut from a single 4×8 1/2î plywood sheet in under an hour pre-playa. It fits in a decent-sized car trunk as six flat pieces, and assembles on-site in seconds using slots in the parts, without tools, fasteners or glue. Cost is maybe $30/seat for the ply if you donít shop price. Best of all, each Playa Love Seat is a canvas for art, and may be decorated with paint, pillows, fur, woodburning, routers, jigsaws, or whatever your psyche can imagine. The seats may be burned at event conclusion if non-toxic decorating methods are used, or collapsed flat to 1.2 cubic feet for re-use in default.

Playatech has been established as the worldís first open-source shareware Silicon Valley dot-com furniture company to benefit the arts, with no legal entity or accounting system in sight – each time you slice into a sheet of plywood using our unique designs to make a really cool and useful art project for your camp, we ask for a $5 donation to Black Rock Arts Foundation or BORG2, and we provide links from our web site to make it so easy.

Check out, then get off your duff and make something cool to put under it!

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