Furr All Your Fancy Fashions

Our friends spend their entire year making amazing playawear and lug it hundreds of miles just to wear it for a week. Within minutes of arriving Home it’s all in a dusty pile on the floor of their tents – that’s just not right!!!

So we fixed it. Our unique new Ploset playa closet organizer ends that mess forever!

Just 5’ tall to fit inside most tents, the Ploset holds enough hanging clothes for a week of playa nights, and we know you don’t wear diddly in the daytime. It features not one but two built in shelves for folded and piled stuff, and a special area to hang belts, fluffiescamelbacks and other accessories! Your playa boots stash underneath the lower shelf, and best of all, it matches perfectly with the Larry Boy Lounger you’ll be sleeping in.

Professional closet organizing consultants might charge hundreds of dollars to custom design a closet organizer this functional for your tent. But not Playatech – in return for saving you precious hours of playa time digging for that lost lingerie, we just want the price of a burrito sent to the arts. Pay it forward, and art we can’t imagine yet will always fill the closet of your psyche with wonder.

You can make a Ploset yourself in 30 minutes from one sheet of cheap ½” ply, one 4’-6’ closet bar or pipe, and some nails (or screw hooks if you’re fancy) – plans are posted on our order page. The Ploset collapses instantly to ship in 1.2 cubic feet not counting the pipe, burns when you’re sick of it, and of course, you absolutely should turn it into an art project any way you like. Plosets also make perfect coat racks for your camp’s dome or bar.

Playatech staff reserves the right to detect Plosets using infrared sensors stolen from BLM, to enter tents for purposes of Ploset quality inspection, and to request personal favors from Ploset owners whose art royalties are in arrears.

Playatech – Raising the Bar On Black Rock Lifestyles

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