As Ordained By Her Excellency: The Rack that Saves Your Back

Our friend Dragi originally built this cool Playatech style bike rack for his BM05 camp, and all we got was a picture featuring our very own VP of Branding and Chief Hottie, Glimmer.

We figured you could make one without plans, and even if not, Glimmer’s worth her own web page.

But then for the American Dream in 2008, the Honorable Harley K. Dubois, Commissioner of the Kingdom, sent word to Playatech that the Kingdom had need of a bike rack design to be ordained for use by all of the Noblepersons’s palaces. And thus, Playatech endeavored to improve upon the initial design, resulting in a set of plans formally delivered to Her Excellency, and contained upon this site. In service of the King, Her Excellency’s bike jack is the best rack in the Kingdom, and consumes exactly one sheet of precious wood.

The plywood revolution has begun – what has your palace done to obsolete IKEA lately?

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Playatech – We don’t make your camp; we just make it collapse.


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