Introducing Our New Division, Coffintech

Yes, the friendly Goth vampires at the Blood Vessel project asked us to create a coffin. They plan to collect notes to the departed that get folded up into origami cranes, and burned in the coffin at the Temple on Sunday at BM07. We almost died laughing, and then we said “why not?!”

Think about it – when you get buried, everything rots but the screws holding the coffin together. How eco-unconcious can you get! You messed up the planet by living here, so the least you can do is leave no trace when you’re dead. Now it’s easy, with the Goffin!

We think coffins that don’t screw you are so cool we might start a new division to mass produce them. We don’t mind if our customers are dead, since no one pays us anyway! So why not build one today, just in case? It will make a great conversation piece for now, and once you need it, you won’t have time to play with power tools.

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