BM07 – Green Home


Furnishing The Green Man’s World

You don’t think we’re really going to give away our top-secret plans to rock BM07 do you??!! Well, ok.

We’re building the “Playatech Open Source Lounge” for the Green Man Pavilion – a place for green organizations to present green workshops. To schedule a workshop, call the Man.

We’re building a two-story tower with a viewing platform for Silicon Village, along with a major bar and community space. Come by to check it out! The Coyote Ugly Dancers will knock your socks off from 6-8PM nightly.

We’re building a home full of furniture for Silicon Village – “Playatech’s Green Home” will explore the future of where we live. It will invite participants to play the roles of hosts or guests and contemplate the boxes we live in, why they are the way they are, and what they could be like.

Think that’s it? NO! We also created the Goffin design for the Blood Vessel project, a temple altar, the smallest hotel in the world, and a few other little toys you’ll just have to look for in the desert…

Playatech – Art With Intention