The Baddest Bar In the Black Rock, Bar None!

In 2005 we built the Glimmer Bar. It worked great in the 5 Elements Pavilion except for one problem: you can’t dance on it! For 2007, we’ve created the ultimate Black Rock Bar to solve that.

Made from about two sheets of 3/4″ ply, each Black Rock Bar module is four feet wide by two and a half deep, with a shelf inside. Just perfect for one bartender and one dancer! For large bars, they instantly connect to make your bar as long as you want. And of course, they instantly assemble or collapse on command so you can tend bar anywhere on the planet.

Check out Silicon Village’s Hair of the Dog camp at happy hour during BM07, and you’ll see eight Black Rock Bar modules, with Coyote Ugly Dancers on four of them. They’ll be far from ugly! But they will kick your drinks into the deep playa.

Playatech – Raising the Bar on the Black Rock Lifestyle


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