The Dopest Way To Delight Your DJ! 

Ok, we hear you! For years, the Black Rock Bar has been the most popular DJ booth around, and it caused a bar shortage. Now Plitchenette DJ booths are causing a kitchen shortage, and we’re fed up with plywood abuse! So here is a dope-ass table designed to stop DJs from mis-using our food & beverage products…

Playatech’s new “DJ Dope” was optimized with DJ inputs from CA to NZ, and every DJ who’s tried it said “that’s dope!” so we know it’ll move you! It spins out of your hatchback to provide a work space over 5′ wide and 25″ deep at 40.75″ height, complete with cable guides, high rails to hide your jack junk, a lower shelf for cases, and wide side wings to keep drinks & dope away from the decks at 5AM. You can even modify the table height, or cut the top edge into a flame shape – all from exactly 2 sheets of plywood with no MOOP and no part larger than the 69″x28″ tabletop! 

If you really wanna get cool, add a cut-out design to the front panels and backlight it. Or tell us how to improve the design until there is nothing else a DJ could ask for. Except treats in the green room of course… – Slots That Rock. And Rap. And Thump!