The World’s first bleachers that seat no spectators, and leave no trace

Playatech’s secret R&D labs have developed a collapsible plywood bleacher module that lifts 12 or more burners above the crowd. This unique system lifts burners more compactly than an art car with less obtrusive crap blocking others, it can’t run you over, it is made from sustainable resources, and it only costs about $10 per user!

Before the burn, place it in front of your camp with a “Spectators” sign and watch as they gather to jeer at participants. Then set it up on the playa to watch the big burns!

After Man fall, each Leave No Bleachers module may be placed in front of the fire and flipped into the embers to feed the flames. This ensures those in the bleachers are the only members of the audience that AREN’T spectators. How cool is that?!! Alternatively, Leave No Bleachers may be reused by installing them post-event at the Gerlach baseball stadium.

Just another radical peek into the future, from Playatech. Someday, everything will be plywood…

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Playatech – We don’t make your camp; we just make it collapse.


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