For our UniFire extravaganza at BM13, we needed a 24’x12’ fire performance stage. We could have made a bunch of Simple Stage modules and slotted them together, but we wanted to make an enlarged OctoStage with angled corners instead. Why? Cause it seemed cooler!

The OctoStage design appeared too complex to extend, so Sunshine radically simplified things into a modular repeating pattern that could extend to any size stage. Then complicated things again by adding a rear step for performers and a space under the front for a subwoofer.

The result became the MegaStage. It can easily be made 1’, 2’, or 4’ high – we chose 2’ to limit wood costs. It took a bunch of folks a day to fabricate but on-playa, it slid together in about 1.5 hours with 3 people – numbering every part helped. Except for a few warped areas, we skipped installing the planned “L” brackets at the ends of the support boards because they weren’t needed. We screwed the stage surface to the supports in a few places, and voila! A MegaStage that can take hard wear, using hardly any hardware – for less money than renting a conventional stage.

The fire performers rocked it BTW…

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Playatech – Turning Industrial Art Into Performance Art One Fire At A Time

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