The first and only desk designed to save burners fuel

Believe it or not, a lot of burners hold desk jobs on playa. And many of these white collar workers still use those antique metal government desks!

How many old boat anchors will we see on freecycle when everyone finds out that our new Miss Direct Desk provides 30% more desk area, and you can ship 24 of them in the volume required by just one rusty metal clunker? For a large playa enterprise, a desk that ships in 2.4 cubic feet can mean the difference between driving a pick-up truck and a semi.

Each Miss Direct Desk can be made from exactly two sheets of ½” ply, and we suggest the desktop sheet be sanded to minimize splinters. The desk is a full 8’ wide x 3’ deep, and includes some shelves to one side that can hold two plastic bins for hanging file folders. It also features an optional keyboard tray, pencil shelf, or ergonomic foot rest the full width of the desk, and could be used for two people or on both sides. The desk design is easily modified to add additional shelves, privacy panel, cup holders, or pretty much whatever you want. Our famous Playa Love Seat is easily converted to the best desk chair you’ll ever have by cutting the arms down to fit below the desk.

The Miss Direct Desk is coming soon, but due to capacity constraints in our drafting and prototyping departments, Playatech can only discuss volume orders at this time – contact our major accounts sales department today at if you need to build a lot of desks.

Just another way to reduce/reuse/recycle in unique Playatech style…

Playatech – We don’t make your camp; we just make it collapse.


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