The perfect place to mix your fix

Desert survival guides stress liquids but largely ignore food, so we suspect half the drinking establishments in Black Rock City will use these as back-bars. But it’s a kitchen, honest, at least on the playa. At home, it’s an 8′ wide credenza for your dining room, entertainment center, office, or … well, just build two!!

Playatech is especially excited about this ploduct because it was designed by Sawdust, who built a bunch of Sunshine’s stuff and then decided to come up with his own awesome kitchen solution. It rocked the Burning Silicon 5 Elements Pavilion at BM05 so hard we destroyed it before getting good pix. As a result, we strongly recommend sealing the horizontal surfaces to protect against spilled liquids.

Just compare the Pledenza to a conventional camp kitchen, and you’ll run from IKEA.

Plans are available NOW on our orders page, so what are you waiting for? The plans fully utilize 3 sheets of ply – but add/subtract some to put shelves wherever you want! If you decorate one nicely, it will look great in your home. And will someone please make a narrow version from two sheets and send in the plans? Maybe we’ll declare you a Playatech Master Creator like Sawdust, and hotties will stick to you like sawdust.

The Pledenza – something tells us this will be our ticket to free drinks at every bar on the playa

Playatech – We Really Know How To Cook With Wood

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