It’s a Plane… No, it’s a Flop!

We admit it: every once in a while we create something really useful, but it just doesn’t come out well enough to properly represent the vaunted Playatech brand. This is one of those times.

In 2005 we wanted a great little coffee table to go with all those love seats and pews, so we thought we came up with the perfect design from exactly ½ sheet of ply. It even looks cool enough to fly!

The problem is that the little wing is only stable if the slots that hold it are sized really really accurate. More accurate than we ever bother with. So, we cheated! Yes, we prostituted ourselves at the church of screws and attached some 1×1/2 stock under the wing to keep it steady. And it still isn’t steady!

When we have time, we’ll lower the wing, cut large circles in it, and make it a drink holder. That’ll fix it, yeah. In the meantime, try the plans and fix it any way you want…

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Playatech – Someday, Everything Will Be Plywood


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