It’s a Sofa! No, a Giant Lounger! No, a Queen Sized Bed!

Just look what we made from 3 sheets of half-inch ply that cost $30 – a convertible couch you’d spend ten times that much to buy! If you ask nicely, Home Depot will probably do nearly all the cutting for you for free, or maybe $3.

Think of the Pluton Flame as the ultimate futon frame, a cross between our Playa Pew and Larry Boy Lounger. The back slides onto the sides three ways, including horizontally for sleeping. Just perfect for that den you use as a guest room.

To support the back’s eight foot lengths in the sofa and lounger positions, two little support pieces slide into notches in the base. To change between sofa and lounger positions, flip the support pieces and insert their other ends in the other base notches, move the back from one set of slots to another, and voila! Converticouch.

Playatech – Eat Your Heart Out IKEA


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