Finally, An STD To Prevent STDs! 

Playatech’s new Social Transmission Depot (STD) was born of Covid as a way to support socially transmitted goods, services, and connections without socially transmitted diseases (STDs). Because it never was about social distancing at all, just aerosol transfer reduction. 

Our STD turns 3 sheets of plywood into a sturdy 3’x6′ counter at convenient 36″ height, topped by a banner sign 9′ in the air to ensure visibility. That gives it a bit of wind load so consider staking in high-wind locations. 

With enough storage below the counter to camp there and sign posts strong enough to secure a plexi panel that takes peoples’ breath away, the STD is perfect for anything from advice booths to UN food programs. 

Playatech – The Best Treatment For Slotting Disease Is Make More Slots!