BM18 – Splinter the TransPlayaBot

Back in 2011, our co-founding CAD guru Wristy stacked some Playatech furniture into a robot shape in CAD, but it was just a joke. Only now it’s 2018 and clearly the year to honor Larry Harvey’s legacy with a robot. So how could we not?!!


Introducing Splinter the TransPlayaBot – the world’s first 22’ tall robot that transforms into a seating arrangement for 36! Shaped like infinity, so our conversations can go there.


SplinterTheTransPlayaBotThese days, going big and tall is the only way to get any respect on the playa, and doing it without heavy equipment is about radical self-reliance – so we plan to raise him like The Man in the old days – people pulling on ropes, with a fulcrum. Splinter will be hard to miss once erect, but we are sneaking him in as a false floor in a minivan, so he won’t be in the program and no one knows where he will hang out – not the Org and not even us!

We’re raising money for Splinter in the most Playatech manner! That means we have a very special offer you can’t refuse, shouldn’t refuse, and would be nuts to refuse…

1. We seek 7 sponsors at $100 each. Each sponsor will receive a splinter of Splinter at the end of Burning Man 2018. Each splinter consists of a complete Playatech furniture item – a unique piece of functional art to enjoy forever.

2. Splinter is made from 5 Playa Pews, 1 Airpart Seat, and 1 highly modified Playa Love Seat. So, most of Splinter’s sponsors will receive a Playa Pew made from 2 sheets of high-grade plywood – Splinter Sponsors get finished furniture for about the cost of the plywood! Like we said, you’d be nuts to refuse. But wait, there’s more!

3. Each splinter of Splinter can serve as a template for you to make more Playatech seating in your garage, or…another Splinter! Yes, our secret labs are unleashing the world’s first-ever virally self-replicating robot made of wood. But wait, there’s MORE!

4. Every sponsor will be named on a plaque and this web page, feted all week at our Center-Camp bar, taken on our Castle Car mutant for an anti-VIP art tour narrated by our own VP of Branding and ARTery veteran, and named to the Playatech Board of Bots (who do nothing but dream up crazy shit like Splinter and then try it).

5. Sponsoring Splinter is as easy as building Playatech: just send an email to Sunshine(at), and if there are still sponsorship spots available we will provide a PayPal address – don’t donate here on our web site since the PayPal is hardwired to pay it forward to Burning Man Arts (there’s our dirty little secret; we are a real brand with real products but this company is only a figment of your imagination, and it makes art not money).

Since 2005, many thousands of you have downloaded and built our designs here at, literally filling BRC with plywood and sending thousands of dollars to the Burning Man arts grant program annually. We’ve rarely asked anyone to help fund our own projects, nor do we recall ever offering finished furniture as a donation reward. So, hopefully you realize what an insanely great offer this is, and understand why we want to skip paying profits to fundraising portals – wherever money meets the 10 Principles, we just never do things the conventional commercial way.

We really need 7 of you to step-up and help us bring another bad-ass Playatech woo-hoo to the dust! Next year, we may try one as tall as a 747 with a bar inside his head…

Playatech – Every Splinter Contains More Intelligent Life Than All Known AI