The Bed That Lasts Longer Than You Do

On the playa we know you sleep all day and party all night, so we thought “what could be better than a day bed you can party on at night??!!” So here it is, the Desert Daze Bed.

A full 4×8 foot sleeping surface easily sleeps 2 when covered with a foam pad. Add some body pillows around the back, and invite some friends to snuggle! In a pinch, you can even remove the foam and use your day bed as a stage. Why not build two, and shove them together to make a Playa Playpen??!!

The Desert Daze Bed sucks up three full sheets of ply with no MOOP, and is worth it. Six feet of ¾” dowel will help support the back. Where else can you get a day bed this versatile, with a frame that ships just 1.5” thick, for the price of ply? Eat you heart out IKEA!

Playatech – The Brand More Hotties Hang On

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