The Bitchin Bench That Started It All

The Playa Love Seat was our first product and it made Playatech the leading brand in the Black Rock. Our cute and cuddly Playa Love Seat is still the easiest, most useful playa art project your psyche can imagine. Each 4-foot wide Playa Love Seat offers comfortable snuggling to the person building it and one or two friends, with the following unique capabilities: – The six required rectangular parts line up like a puzzle on a single 4×8 ½” plywood sheet, and can be cut in under one hour pre-playa using any kind of straight saw, leaving zero moop – ask Home Depot to make the cuts for you! – The parts ship flat in a small car, and are easily assembled by one person in less than a minute using slots cut into the parts – no tools, fasteners or glue! Each Playa Love Seat is a canvas for art, and may be enhanced with paint, scrollwork, routing, wood burning, or whatever you can imagine. Making cushions is easy, and body pillows fit perfectly. – The design is easily modified for different seating angles or unique features – a really tall woman even built an Amazon Love Seat from one sheet. Underseat storage may be accessed by sliding out the seat, or by hinging it. And if you can’t stand those smelly porta-potties, you can even cut a hole in the seat, put a bucket below it, and voila, you have a Playa Privy! – Playa Love Seats may be burned by their creators at conclusion of the event if suitable paints are used, or shipped flat back to default for reuse should they survive the playa. Burnable paint ideas are on our Support page – do not burn it if you put acrylic paint or other toxic materials on it. You may not want to breathe burning plywood fumes either. Cost is around $20 for the plywood, at your local lumber yard. At this insanely low price, Playatech requests a $5 royalty for each seat produced, remitted to Black Rock Arts Foundation ( or your own favorite radical non-profit arts organization. We’re making wooden shareware, dig? Put your love for art where your butt is, and folks will hug you in thanks when we sit with you. But if you don’t put your wallet where your ass is we’ll put termites under them.

Playatech – We Really Know How To Cook With Wood


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