BM10 – Feed The Artists – Burn The Art

Playatech Proves Your Garage Rules

The Burning Man theme for 2010 was Metropolis, and times were tough for many of us financially. So when our camp agreed to provide an indoor entertainment and dinner venue for 100+ to serve Feed The Artists pre-event, we had to make something cheaper than China. So we did.

We created the Turning Tables Two and made 12 each, at ~$20/table. Then we designed the BlackJack series of backjack stands to go with the tables, and made seating for 100 at under $2/person. The artists were so happy. And it took longer to make dinner than the furniture! So we made the Simple Stage to keep the artists entertained while they waited.

Of course we wanted to build & burn something to celebrate, so we made Glimmer a Chestahedron – an indescribable 3D shape that can shift. We made one that shifted in the wind, and by people, and we painted the surfaces flat black so you could write on it with chalk. We liked that cause we could wipe off anything we didn’t like! LOL.

Once we liked every inch enough, we burned it. In the daytime! We were in a hurry. But the fire looked cool anyway.

Playatech – Making The New Metropolis Cheaper Than China