With all due elation, Playatech presents its new “Bike Jack”, the rack that saves your back.

In years past, the noble knight Dragi manifested a comely bike rack in the manner of the House of Playatech. Yet the Dark Ages following The Psyche left no trace, with the achievement lost to civilization but for a sole rendering.

For the Renaissance of the American Dream, Her Excellency Harley K. Dubois, Commissioner of the Kingdom, sent word to Knight Sunshine of the need for a simple plywood bike rack design, to be ordained for use by all Noblepersons’ camps. And thus in eternal service of our King, Playatech endeavored to improve upon the lost art.

By consequence of slave labor, parchments scribed in the official seal of Playatech were rendered, duly delivered to Her Excellency in all formality, and presented to all common folk upon the Playatech web site – www.playatech.com. To avail you of one, merely render the required royalty of five doubloons to Black Rock Arts Foundation, and seek ye an artisan to execute it.

Presently, Her Excellency proffers the finest rack in the Kingdom, and it dispatches exactly one sheet of precious wood. The plywood rebellion is proceeding -ñ what has your palace done in revolt against the reign of IKEA lately?

Playatech – Servicing Peasants and Royalty with Equality since the Golden Ages

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