Even Cheaper Than China!

It’s time for us all to simplify, cut costs, get spiritual, and focus on the important things: like a soft place to land right now that doesn’t cost a pretty penny. So for these depressed times, we’ve cut the fat to the bone, and gone way beyond the shirts off our backs – we’ve taken the backs off our stacks! Of plywood that is.

That’s it – all you really need to sit in style is back support, and maybe something soft between your bones and the dirt. So, the economy broke our asses but not our backs! In our new BlackJack floor seating series, you sit on a tarp clipped to the BlackJack (or fluffy fur if you prefer) and your weight prevents the back support from moving – or skip the tarp for high-friction surfaces like lawns. And you have two design choices for each sheet of ply!

  • With our VIP Model, one sheet can make two 4′ wide Blackjacks that seat up to 4 people each (6 if you snuggle), including integrated side tables for eating and drinking.
  • Or, skip the side tables for our Economy version – one sheet of ply makes a giant 8′ Blackjack that seats at least 8, AND two 4′ Blackjacks that seat at least 4 each. That’s 16 purrfect parking spaces for your purty parts, with room to fit another 8 close friends.

The VIP is cush enough for movers and shakers. The Economy brings the state of the art in slicing and slotting efficiency, and a new generation of price/performance: a one sheet Playatech party lounge that seats 2 per slot and doesn’t leave a trace! Just perfect for spiritual workshops, dusty picnics, raver parking, and reclaiming that dumb space around the perimeter of your dome.

Make some now while there is still time! Because in the metropolis of the future, Playatech can’t save your ass, but we can sure prop up your spirit. Even if we can’t afford pretty CAD drawings these days…

Playatech – Bringing Any Metropolis Down To Earth

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