Playatech today announced that it has become an official corporate sponsor of Project X. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but word on the street suggests it might involve seating for the project.

Project X is an ambiguous endeavor aiming to construct a large playa art installation for BM05 using a team method in which no team member knows more than their own isolated task. The result is complete ambiguity about the process, team, installation design, or other outcomes, if any. It is believed that a research study into team performance under conditions of ambiguity is being conducted.

According to Sunshine Daydream, Playatechís Chief Radical Innovator, ìPlayatech elected to sponsor Project X due to a perceived common interest in plywood supply chains and construction techniques. And, because like Project X, everything about Playatech is a study in ambiguity designed to explore the Psyche.î

According to Joe Priff, the researcher behind Project X, ìI canít confirm or deny our use of plywood nor specify Playatechís role in the project, but Project X is excited to have Playatech as a corporate sponsor.”

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