Playatech today announced that the Burning Man LLC Board of Directors has accepted its offer to acquire Burning Man Headquarters (BMHQ). The closing date of the acquisition is expected to be Thursday June 30.

Playatech will establish a radical furniture factory on the ground floor of the BMHQ site and will initiate production at 4PM on June 30, for the benefit of all burners. From 4-8PM sawdust will fly as we help you construct massive quantities of Playa Love Seats and Playa Pews to take Home ñ factory workers will be asked to donate only the wholesale cost of their plywood plus Playatechís standard $5/sheet royalty to Black Rock Arts Foundation – $25/sheet total. From 6-10PM we will celebrate art, share BYOB booze, and BBQ playa potluck style while we decorate our new furniture.

At 10PM on June 30, Playatech will announce it is divesting all corporate assets including BMHQ, and will sell the facility back to the LLC for one BM05 event ticket.

Psyche! Silly rabbits, you know Larry would never give in to a corporate raider. But he does want you to support BRAF by making art at Playatechís first SF DIY Factory Dance Sale, so heís lending us his basement ñ if we leave no trace, maybe heíll do it again.

RSVP required – creative insanity drives us to choreograph furniture production as a dance performance with plywood partners, and doing anything this outside the box requires coordination. See vital information at right away for how to participate.

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