Playatech seeks a minimally experienced draftsperson who can take our crappy hand-sketched construction diagrams that we barely used rulers for and turn them into something pretty enough to use for patent applications and venture capital presentations. You must work with little or no direction. Digital CAD tools preferred.

Compensation for this position is all in your psyche, and Playatech offers all employeesí psyches the following benefit plan:

  1. Contributing to a fun art project that spawns more art projects that raise money for even more art projects.
  2. Getting showered with imitation glory, fake stock options, and maybe company swag someday if our yet to be defined VP of Swag position is ever filled.
  3. Receiving immediate consideration when positions open up for Playatech Customer Service Hotties just in time for our giant Labor Day Desert Showroom Sale.
  4. Maybe something else, but we canít think of it right now.

To apply please send something youíve drawn and dimensioned to (weíve gotta keep the riff-raff out somehow). For more information about Playatech, visit

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