Playatech’s application for curated status is noteworthy because no one including its creators know whether Playatech should properly be classified as an art project. Unlike other Artery applications covering individual physical structures located in one place, this application is for a brand that will be marketed on-playa, and for everything under the brand’s umbrella. The broad array of creative media encompassed in this curatorship request includes an e-commerce web site, radio, newspaper & tribe promotions, dozens of physical wooden furniture art installations on-playa including the Playa Hearth Stop funded by Borg2, and a yet-to be constructed or approved mutant vehicle.

According to Playatech’s chief radical innovator Sunshine Daydream, “We really have no idea what curatorship means, but we like new experiences and this one sounds like something that would feel good, especially if LadyBee can figure out how to do it to us. Besides, Playatech asks the question ‘am I art now?’ about many things that usually are not considered art, and we want answers from a professional.”  Sunshine daydreamed, “My first Burning Man taught me everybody can be an artist if we free our psyches from their little boxes, and my gift back is to try showing that everything can be art if our psyches escape other boxes.”

According to an unnamed Playatech source, all revenues generated by the Playatech e-commerce site go directly to Black Rock Arts Foundation or Borg2 under a shareware revenue model. ìIf you creatively market creative gifts you created to support creation of other creative gifts for others by others, doesn’t all that gifting and creative creation make the marketing art, and indeed, make the entire concept art? Burning Man declared its theme ‘The Psyche’ this year, so I am confident the definition of art at the event cannot be limited to solid matter that can be weighed and burned!” opined the source.

The curatorship request filed today also includes a grant request for $20 to support a proposed playa installation called “No Sitting On the Playa”. This installation will consist of a single Playa Love Seat on the playa boldly marked ìNO SITTINGî. As the deadline for art installation grant applications recently expired, Playatech does not expect to receive an award but is hopeful. “After all”, said Sunshine, “Jim Mason got slammed for demanding fifty large after the deadline, but all we asked for is a couple burritos and a back-stage pass to Center Camp. That’s much more creative, so our request is art and should be honored.”

Another unnamed Playatech source indicated that Playatech staff are concerned the Artery might interpret the Playatech curatorship and grant requests as a playa joke. This source claimed that everything about Playatech is a playa joke until psyches make it real, and hinted that if curatorship is denied, a 4×8 plywood sheet with a creative complaint letter painted on it might show up at the Terminatorís own California Curatorship Commissionerís Office. This information could not be confirmed.

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