Playatech regrets to announce that it is taking the unprecedented step of announcing an urgent safety recall of all Playatech ploducts. Please return your Playatech creation to your nearest Playatech factory immediately to perform necessary safety modifications.

According to Federal Aviation Administration officials, all Playatech ploducts were appropriately designed to resist catastrophic disintegration under normal burner loads, but high winds may cause unsecured Playatech furniture to become airborne. The FAA is now concerned that rapidly increasing numbers of Playa Love Seats and other Playatech ploducts may interfere with near-term Black Rock City Airport flight operations.

To prevent unintended pyrotechnic population control impacts, Playatech recommends all factories drill a large hole near the bottom of one or both side supports on all ploducts intended for outdoor use. A carabiner may then be used to secure your Playa Love Seat or other fine furniture item to a hooked rebar sunk into the playa.

Thank you for sitting safely, and don’t miss our giant once-in-a-lifetime 100%-off Labor Day Desert Snuggle Sale at Burning Silicon Collective, right behind Center Camp at 6PM and Ego. For more information about Playatech, visit www. A little participation makes the magic happen, so if you like our stuff enough to build it, please support art no one can imagine yet by paying it forward through our radically unique shareware royalty program. And do leave no trace by throwing your Playatech furniture on the Man’s embers at midnight, which will make room for our unconceived 2006 ploduct line.

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