Greetings Black Rockers! Are you still sitting on a stupid folding camp chair wondering why youíre not an artist, or passing out alone on a skanky old couch you canít even burn? If so, your psyche needs Playatech, the worldís leading brand of rapidly deployable artistic lifestyles.

Visit Playatech’s Black Rock Factory Showroom and Outlet Store at 6:01 and Ego for our once-only annual Labor Day Desert Snuggle Sale ñ yes, our entire award-winning line of plywood love seats, couches, loungers, bars, tent organizers and accessories is 100% off, burn week only! Come decorate something and weíll give you the plans, or maybe a schwag lighter to leave no trace with. And donít miss our subconscious lifestyle showcases at Borg 2, The Dicky Box, Critical Tits, and somewhere on the playa only the Artery knows.

Playatech ecstatically offers Black Rock City’s first-ever dust-proof guarantee, good for the life of the LLC: yes, we guarantee that even you can build the world’s most advanced collapsible, burnable, easily constructed period furniture for the 21st Century Burner. We guarantee that if you build it, the industrial artist within you will come. We guarantee each piece is a plywood canvas that will release the fine artist hiding in your psyche. We guarantee that remitting our required royalty to Black Rock Arts Foundation or Borg2 will make you an art philanthropist, and art we canít imagine yet will emerge from your psyche and others. Burn week, we even guarantee someone will share your Playa Love Seat with you, and that you can achieve catharsis at our final clearance sale by burning it midnight Saturday in the Man embers. No one beats Playatech ploduct plice/perflormance, and if you don’t agree weíll give you your money back!!!

A new era in rapidly deployable lifestyles is about to arrive at 6:01 & Ego, and neither your brain nor your bottom will ever feel the same about plywood again. Only from:

Playatech – supporting asses and the arts since a few weeks ago

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