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With all due elation, Playatech presents its new “Bike Jack”, the rack that saves your back.

In years past, the noble knight Dragi manifested a comely bike rack in the manner of the House of Playatech. Yet the Dark Ages following The Psyche left no trace, with the achievement lost to civilization but for a sole rendering.

For the Renaissance of the American Dream, Her Excellency Harley K. Dubois, Commissioner of the Kingdom, sent word to Knight Sunshine of the need for a simple plywood bike rack design, to be ordained for use by all Noblepersons’ camps. And thus in eternal service of our King, Playatech endeavored to improve upon the lost art.

By consequence of slave labor, parchments scribed in the official seal of Playatech were rendered, duly delivered to Her Excellency in all formality, and presented to all common folk upon the Playatech web site – www.playatech.com. To avail you of one, merely render the required royalty of five doubloons to Black Rock Arts Foundation, and seek ye an artisan to execute it.

Presently, Her Excellency proffers the finest rack in the Kingdom, and it dispatches exactly one sheet of precious wood. The plywood rebellion is proceeding -ñ what has your palace done in revolt against the reign of IKEA lately?

Playatech – Servicing Peasants and Royalty with Equality since the Golden Ages

– See more at: https://playatech.com/news/#item15

Playatech is pleased to announce the long awaited introduction of its BM06 “Green Home” Furniture Line of the Future! Delayed a year by hope and fear, the Green Home line includes everything needed to furnish a home for $500, move in one minivan load, and save the planet while you’re at it. It rocks for Burning Man too! Check it out now at www.Playatech.com.

The new Playatech line features three dozen radically cool furniture and entertainment products anyone can fabricate entirely from standard plywood, and every one collapses flat for shipment. Yes, all the furniture for a 2 bedroom house or large bar camp will fit in a mini-van!

According to Playatech founder Sunshine, “At BM05, Playatech launched the Playa Love Seat, Playa Pew, and Larry Boy Lounger to insane acclaim. We changed camp seating forever, but we failed to kill IKEA – so we huddled and muddled and redesigned every piece of furniture you need to live, work, and play!” The new line includes a sofa that converts to a queen bed, daybeds that push together into playpens, bars you can dance on, and a dinette that turns into a den. Even recycled 1972 designs we found in a book.

All Green Home products turn you into an artist, and are radically cheap, easy to own, and available exclusively from Playatech – the world’s only brand built on the 10 Burning Man Principles. And they’re GREEN! Exterior plywood is 95-99% renewable wood, much of which now comes from FSC-Certified sustainable forests, and the rest is relatively innocuous glue. Playatech eliminates factories, packaging, end-product distribution, retail stores, exploited child labor, and nearly all bad things capitalism introduces between natureís end product and your rear end.

When obsoleted by next year’s “Tall” theme products, the entire energy content of Green Home furniture can be cleanly recovered as useful heat in a proper furnace ñ it is food for giant Mechabolic slugs! If burned in an open fire, the wood puts out more noxious fumes than the glue.

Playatech offers great green furniture for your mobile lifestyle that obsoletes landfills, at an unbelievable price! And that is no Silicon Valley pipedream.

– See more at: https://playatech.com/news/#item14

Playatech’s first ‘personal use business model’ enables everyone to build their own cool playa furniture while paying it forward to the arts through a $5 royalty to Black Rock Arts Foundation. Now we’d like to explore a ‘commercial use business model’ designed to help burning painters increase their own income, and increase the royalty flow to BRAF. If you build it, more will come.

Paintings last centuries and our walls are full, so selling framed art must be hard – but furniture is a much larger industry because it wears out. Playatech invites professional artists to exploit this financially as follows:

  1. Build a Playa Love Seat or find someone to build you one. It’s easy.
  2. Treat it as a 3D canvas and paint it with your own beautiful design.
  3. Place it in a gallery, street fair, or wherever you currently sell art with a fat price tag and a photo of it collapsed for shipment. See if it grabs customers. No, don’t sell it to burners; they can build their own so they won’t pay much!
  4. If it sells, you are using Playatech technology for commercial gain instead of personal use, and the royalty should be more than $5. Can we try 10% of the dollars you get? This is about supporting artists and not Playatech, so we’re open to negotiating.
  5. If you made more money in less time this way than creating and selling a conventional painting, please do it again, and tell us about it so we can learn and improve – sunshine@playatech.com.
  6. Please mark any Playatech furniture you sell ‘Licensed by Playatech; All Rights Reserved’. Otherwise boatloads of this stuff may start showing up from China in weeks.

Yes, we have radical ideas about how to stop money and branding from being bad words around Burning Man. And we’d love to see many more ideas from everyone. To be successful taking our magic world to the streets everywhere, we’ll need to evolve our culture in ways that embrace money flowing within the 10 Principles. If Playatech found one way to do it there must be others, so please explore with us – because all good things that nature didn’t grow really do come from our psyches, so that theme will never be over.

About Playatech:

Playatech is a real brand and fantasy company exploring fun ways to make money flow that honor the 10 Burning Man principles. It lies somewhere in the radically innovative realm between art project, non-profit, and corporation, and exists to pay it forward. It is in no way affiliated with any unnamed cruise ship operator.

– See more at: https://playatech.com/news/#item13

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