Rapid Entertainment

Time To Party!!!

You’ve built the Bare Necessities and maybe some Radical Seating, and now you want to show it off by having a party? Well, you’d better get back to work! You’ll need a bar, kitchen, tables, and some shelves to store all the mixers!

Playatech – Without Us, It’s Just Not a Party

Social Transmission Depot

Finally, An STD To Prevent STDs!  Playatech’s new Social Transmission Depot (STD) was born of Covid as a way to support socially transmitted goods, services, and connections without socially transmitted Continue Reading

DJ Dope

The Dopest Way To Delight Your DJ!  Ok, we hear you! For years, the Black Rock Bar has been the most popular DJ booth around, and it caused a bar Continue Reading


Our New Playavator Will Really Get You High… It can be hard to get a rise out of anyone at Burning Man. We know; we’ve tried for 15 years and Continue Reading

Airpart Seat

The perfect seat to keep perfect strangers perfectly strange Have you ever wondered why airports use seats that face people away from each other instead of towards each other? We Continue Reading

The Plitchenette – Or Plotting Bench?

A Potting Bench, Kitchen, Workbench, Standing Desk, Or…? You know you’re a Burner when: your wife wants a potting bench for Mother’s Day, and after seeing the long parts lists Continue Reading

Dish Delight Portable Dishwashing System

The Ultimate Dishwashing System For Large Camps and Gatherings While designing our breakthrough iSink Water Ritual System, we faced a conundrum: it would be perfect for washing hands, but rather Continue Reading

iSink Water Ritual System

To Keep The Health Cops Away, Build an iSink Today!   Ever wondered why everyone you meet at Burning Man hugs you instead of shaking hands? You THOUGHT it was Continue Reading

The Burning Booth

The Man Asked For A Confessional, and Got A Home For Radical Ritual In the Dark Ages (Burning Man 2005), we instigated a Renaissance in seating that eliminated skanky couches from Continue Reading

Black Rock Bar

The Baddest Bar In the Black Rock, Bar None! In 2005 we built the Glimmer Bar. It worked great in the 5 Elements Pavilion except for one problem: you can’t Continue Reading


The perfect place to mix your fix Desert survival guides stress liquids but largely ignore food, so we suspect half the drinking establishments in Black Rock City will use these Continue Reading

Playble and Blenches

A Really Cute Table & Seating For 2-4! Our friend Wristy made this table and a pair of these benches from a total of two sheets of 1/2″ plywood – Continue Reading

Playanette Set

All You Can Eat From Just One Sheet Here’s another cool design from the early 70s book “Nomadic Furniture” – a complete kitchen table and four stools, all from just Continue Reading