Rapid Entertainment

Time To Party!!!

You’ve built the Bare Necessities and maybe some Radical Seating, and now you want to show it off by having a party? Well, you’d better get back to work! You’ll need a bar, kitchen, tables, and some shelves to store all the mixers!

Playatech – Without Us, It’s Just Not a Party

Plykea Shelves

A most basic storage solution Generally we prefer form over function, and to be perfectly honest, you can probably buy stronger shelves at IKEA or OSH for less than you’ll Continue Reading

Plassage Table

You Know We Just Had To Do It! Massage tables are expensive. You could spend $200 on a half-decent one at Costco – or just $20 for the Playatech version! Continue Reading

Miss Direct Desk

The first and only desk designed to save burners fuel Believe it or not, a lot of burners hold desk jobs on playa. And many of these white collar workers still use those Continue Reading

Glimmer Bar

A 21st Century modular bar system for Black Rock proprietors Black Rock City only really needs three kinds of furniture: seats, beds and bars. We’ve got the best seating and Continue Reading

Plofee Table

It’s a Plane… No, it’s a Flop! We admit it: every once in a while we create something really useful, but it just doesn’t come out well enough to properly represent Continue Reading

Plaprieter Sign

Billboards For Burners Finding camps in blinding dustorms can be a challenge, but it would be easy if every camp had a Plaprietor Sign! In Old Europe, every shopkeeper did, and cities felt like Continue Reading

Turning Tables Two

Having Your Hundred Closest Friends Over For Dinner?   In 2010, Feed The Artists asked to come over for dinner. With 100 artists. And they wanted tables for floor seating. Continue Reading


Special Order For The Almighty’s Empathy Oasis! In 2012 we got a special order for a very special purpose: to raise up the throne in God’s Empathy Oasis – where Continue Reading

Whatever Booth

Whatever Happens On Playa, Stays On Playa…   Way back in about 2006, our friend Soundman modified a Black Rock Bar to add a raised sign panel, mounted a couple Continue Reading


For our UniFire extravaganza at BM13, we needed a 24’x12’ fire performance stage. We could have made a bunch of Simple Stage modules and slotted them together, but we wanted Continue Reading