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We Saw a See-Saw and We Wanted to Make More!

When we were young, we loved see-saws, but we see them no more. It seems they are as bad for kids as climbing trees and jumping in lakes and other scary things kids do with their bodies, so all the kids were told to play TV games instead and shrivel up. We don’t like that!

So, we made a see-saw for our kids, and we called it the Wee-Saw because it is smaller than that giant thing at Burning Man. And because we saw a see-saw once a long time ago, but we can hardly remember what it looks like, and we were wee ones then.

The Wee-Saw represents a difficult departure from our usual technology, because we tried and tried but we couldn’t make a pivoting hinge out of slotted plywood that lasted more than ten minutes. So, we caved and used hardware to make the Wee-Saw work. Then we figured what the heck, and we used hardware all over the place just to get the job done faster.

It worked really well a couple places like Golden Gate Park, but then Kidsville accidentally burned it at Burning Man and we haven’t had time to make another. So, we’ll get the plans posted someday.

Maybe now that you’ve seen a Wee-Saw, you can make a better see-saw. Maybe even with less hardware. Go on, we dare you. Ours even adjusts for your child’s risk tolerance…

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Playatech – Someday, everything will be plywood


Wee Ones Wanna Rock Too!

A year after we built the Black Rocker and the Wee-Saw, we saw these two rockers for wee ones in “Nomadic Furniture 2”. At first we ignored them because you have to glue them together. But then we realized the Black Rocker and the Wee-Saw actually use fasteners – horrors! So we decided to tell everyone about these two – which together we call the Wee Rock Two for obvious reasons.

Playatech – Not Just For Grown-Ups Anymore

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Magic Playhouse

The Magic Lies In What Children Make Of It

Playatech is pleased to share its Magic Play House, in honor of our favorite right of passage: raising children. We realize many of you have not been there (yet) but we want you as ready as Mary Poppins when they arrive. Or at least as ready to support magic.

The Magic Play House is a complete play structure for young children that can be arranged as a play house, fort, theatre stage, puppet show gallery, or countless other uses. It compares to petrochemical toys like Burning Man does to TV, by enabling a natural, minimalist canvas inviting inspiration and imagination to instigate magical play. In true Playatech style, it is made from exactly one sheet of plywood with virtually no scrap. And you really can fit two in the trunk of a 3 Series BMW. Just add some silks or other fabric and play clips for a complete virtual structure experience

For the cost of a commercial plastic playhouse, any parent can now provide their kids a more creative and sustainable solution made from $30 of wood – and still afford the power tools for making it. That’s financial magic. So build a Playatech Magic Playhouse for your kids right now with a whoosh of your wand, before they get too old to believe in dragons and fairies.

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Playatech – Putting The Playa To Play In Parenting

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