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Finally, An STD To Prevent STDs! 

Playatech’s new Social Transmission Depot (STD) was born of Covid as a way to support socially transmitted goods, services, and connections without socially transmitted diseases (STDs). Because it never was about social distancing at all, just aerosol transfer reduction. 

Our STD turns 3 sheets of plywood into a sturdy 3’x6′ counter at convenient 36″ height, topped by a banner sign 9′ in the air to ensure visibility. That gives it a bit of wind load so consider staking in high-wind locations. 

With enough storage below the counter to camp there and sign posts strong enough to secure a plexi panel that takes peoples’ breath away, the STD is perfect for anything from advice booths to UN food programs. 

Playatech – The Best Treatment For Slotting Disease Is Make More Slots! 

The Dopest Way To Delight Your DJ! 

Ok, we hear you! For years, the Black Rock Bar has been the most popular DJ booth around, and it caused a bar shortage. Now Plitchenette DJ booths are causing a kitchen shortage, and we’re fed up with plywood abuse! So here is a dope-ass table designed to stop DJs from mis-using our food & beverage products…

Playatech’s new “DJ Dope” was optimized with DJ inputs from CA to NZ, and every DJ who’s tried it said “that’s dope!” so we know it’ll move you! It spins out of your hatchback to provide a work space over 5′ wide and 25″ deep at 40.75″ height, complete with cable guides, high rails to hide your jack junk, a lower shelf for cases, and wide side wings to keep drinks & dope away from the decks at 5AM. You can even modify the table height, or cut the top edge into a flame shape – all from exactly 2 sheets of plywood with no MOOP and no part larger than the 69″x28″ tabletop! 

If you really wanna get cool, add a cut-out design to the front panels and backlight it. Or tell us how to improve the design until there is nothing else a DJ could ask for. Except treats in the green room of course… – Slots That Rock. And Rap. And Thump!


Our New Playavator Will Really Get You High…

It can be hard to get a rise out of anyone at Burning Man. We know; we’ve tried for 15 years and finally figured out how! We want you all to get a rise out of everyone, so we’re sharing. With a story of course. 

Prepping for Burning Man 2019, our friends at Crossroads asked if we could design ship-flat steps for performers to get up onto their 4’ high stage, and then from the stage up to elevated platforms. Having once enjoyed the thrill of performing live on the Crossroads stage as well as the scarier thrills of getting on and off alive, Sunshine said “of course we can do that”! 

So, he sat down with his sketchpad and the Playavator was born. Made from just one sheet of 3/4” plywood with no MOOP, it is the best way to get a rise out of anyone. Just slide it together anywhere, and get taller in 60 seconds.

The last time we tried to get people high on the Playa was a decade ago, when we designed Leave No Bleachers so you and 12 friends could get upwardly mobile and watch burns from premium seats. But it took six whole sheets of ply to get it up. Now, you can get yourself up and take a friend, for just one sheet! Who would have thought Playatech follows Moore’s Law?! 

Download the Playavator and make one today; it’s easy. Just be warned that we have never tested it for weight (nor even built one at all) so its capacity rating is “radically self-sufficient”. That means if you fall or get a splinter, it’s all on you – just like it is for the other 50 designs we’ve shared to get your camp up, down, moved, stored, and rockin’ it. 

Playatech – Helping You Get It Up For 15 Summers

Download PDF Here:

Enabling Pop-Up Museums Everywhere

In 2017, Burning Man asked us for a museum-style pedestal design to display small models of big art at Everywhere. We like big art everywhere and the thought of shrinking big art to sit on top of our little art seemed kinda cute. So of course we came up with something kinda clever! A three-per. 

One sheet, three pledestals, hardly any moop. Just in case you plan a renegade pop-up museum, or need the simplest possible water bottle stand, or want six legs for a 3-foot tall robot bug from just 2 sheets of ply…many thanks to Spicey for the cool full-color CAD! 

Playatech – Enabling Everything Everywhere…But So Easy, Museum Unions Banned It



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The perfect seat to keep perfect strangers perfectly strange

Have you ever wondered why airports use seats that face people away from each other instead of towards each other? We have.

Modern airport seating is part of a giant conspiracy to eliminate community and connection so we can be controlled from above. And we always figure “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – with slots!”. So we made seating that’s simply ideal for international airports worldwide…

Just like you can build an 8’ long Playa Pew to match our 4’ wide Playa Love Seat by using two sheets of plywood instead of one, now you can build an Airpart Seat that’s identical to two 8’ long Playa Pews back to back, using exactly four sheets of ply not two.

Just in case you need to furnish an airport, train station, border crossing, passport office, or any other dehumanizing waiting room experience.

Ok, so we didn’t actually design this for airports. We designed it to be the torso of a 20’ tall robot that transforms into a seating area for 30, shaped like an infinity sign with the Airpart Seat/torso in the middle. Yes, really.

Why? Because we plan to launch an army of robot couches to take back all our airports and make them community gathering spaces! And because plywood is too heavy for actual airplane seats.


The Playatech Airpart Seat – make one today, and transform an airport tomorrow….available only from:

Playatech – Fly The Friendly Plies



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A Potting Bench, Kitchen, Workbench, Standing Desk, Or…?

You know you’re a Burner when: your wife wants a potting bench for Mother’s Day, and after seeing the long parts lists of online DIY options you design one from exactly 2 sheets of plywood cut into 8 parts – then as you make it, you realize it will be a great playa kitchen! Or workbench. Or standing desk.

Whatever it is, we think it will make your day! And, like every design we share, building one for BRC leaves invisible extra parts inside you: Larry’s 10 Principles, that will always live on.

The Plitchenette offers a 60″ x 30″ work surface at convenient counter height, plus two lower shelves and an upper one. Also included in the plans is a suggested sink cut-out location, enabling you to add all the features of our iSink or Dish Delight designs to provide a fully-equipped camp kitchen – see those pages for links to water gear. Then, just add a camp stove on the counter, ice chest under its shade, and coffeemaker up top to become a playa master chef! We tried to make those from wood too, but not everything we try works.

For potting bench use, you can make the sink hole without installing a sink basin, place several open bins on the shelf below the counter, and slide any bin into place below the sink hole to collect soil, gravel, sand, or other materials spilled on the counter.


Whatever you do with it, please send a picture. Whoever sends a pic of the most ridiculous application will receive their choice of plans for any 3 designs you like. With thanks to Wristy for endlessly turning Sunshine’s chaotic graph paper sketches into plans you can use…and to Larry for turning us all into artists…

Playatech – Don’t Leave For Home Without It





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